Environmental Management - Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Who We Are

The Principal Partners at Meridian each have over 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. At Meridian, we strive to provide superior and cost effective solutions to our clients needs, combined with a pragmatic approach. Our intermediate to senior level staff include registered professionals in the areas of engineering, geology, agrology and biology, supported by junior scientists, coordinators and technologists.

Our involvement in our clients projects ranges from the provisions of technical advisory services to the planning and management of comprehensive field investigation and remediation programs. Our level of service can be tailored to accommodate our clients requirements from the completion of a specific task to the ongoing management of a corporate environmental portfolio. Many clients rely on our technical expertise and our understanding of regulatory issues to represent their interests with respect to site closure, property transfers and development, compliance and permitting.

Core Values

  • We value quality of service to our clients, technical excellence, diversity and our corporate reputation

  • We promote personal growth and development of our staff with a focus on self-initiative and acceptance of responsibility in a challenging work environment

  • We value creativity

  • We value team work, support and respect for one another and our clients

  • We value a safe and enjoyable working environment